Radio Announcers

That’s what they called them when my father and Mr. Rudy (Pylant) were on the air at KBOA in Kennett, Missouri. Pop and Mr. Rudy have since made the transition to Pure Amplitude Modulation but the audio waves of their wonderful voices are still streaking through space.

I had never seen this photo of John and Rudy standing in front of the KBOA studio but, based on the automobiles behind them, it could have been as early as ’49 or ’50. The station went on the air in July of 1947 and my father started in 1949. Any of you car freaks able to ID the year of the car at the right edge of this photo?

2 thoughts on “Radio Announcers

  1. “…the one on the far right is a 28-31 model A, the one in the middle is a 38-40 possibly even a 41, and the one on the left is a 47-49.”

  2. Steve, the larger look at the pic shows half of another car. It looks to be a late 20s to early 30s car, maybe a Ford Model A or Chevy. The one next to it is either a ’39 Chevy or ’38 Oldsmobile. I’m leaning more toward Olds. Next to that is a new looking ’49 Plymouth, Dodge or DeSoto, but I think it’s a Plymouth. I can’t see enough of the car across the parking lot, but that wheel cut-out chrome looks kinda 50-51 Buick. I’m probably wrong about that, it’s hard to see. Ben

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