How do I look? Is my swastika straight?

Hitler FashionThey had a little Neo Nazi march in Columbia, Missouri, this afternoon (It’s been too darn cold to march against “jew communists” until the last week or so). About 20 marchers were met by throngs of students that cursed them and tossed eggs at them. One of our Missourinet reporters (Steve Walsh) covered the event and everybody’s favorite photojournalist, Bill Greenblatt, took some photos, including this one.

Several things about this photo caught my keen fashion eye. Note the Eva Braun wannabe in the center of the photo, with the little red Storm Trooper tie. This would suggest that the Neo Nazi Clothing Catalogue has a Ladies’ Department.

The guy that looks like he’s getting ready to mix it up with “Drunk Punk” appears to be wearing some sort of hand-tooled leather belt that you might get from your uncle for your birthday (maybe it reads “Sieg Heil!)

And what serious skinhead takes a little pussy bullhorn like that to a march. Come on. And were they up all night sticking on the swastikas or do they come pre-swastuck?

Every parade needs clowns.