“Citizens” against satellite radio; Who’s got HD?

Mark Ramsey (Hear 2.0): “C3SR – the consumer group that was created to oppose the merger between XM and Sirius – is in fact supported by the NAB.”

Also at Hear 2.0: “…the average consumer is more likely to die by accidental drug overdose or by hanging, strangulating, or suffocating themselves than they are to own an HD radio.”

I’d love to hear from any smays.com readers who have HD radios. How’s it sound? What are you listening to? Use Comment link below.

2 thoughts on ““Citizens” against satellite radio; Who’s got HD?

  1. St. Louis has a pack of HD stations. On my Boston Acoustics receiver they all (AM and FM) sound fine, with one glaring exception.
    Content. The formats are fine (even though at my advanced age I don’t get many of the formats’ appeal).
    I can listen to a jukebox on my iPod. And I do. It just seems to me that they need guides to this brave new medium…I believe that they used to be called dj’s.
    Personalize the experience, localize it. Maybe even entertain me inbetween the songs.

  2. As far as I know there is only one HD signal in Mid Missouri and Cumulus has done nothing with it. 97.5 is a digital signal and is only sending one signal or one band. SO if you had a HD radio all that you would get different is the titles of the songs on your radio and some text info from time to time.

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