“Take a Blogger to Lunch”

“If we are to survive as news organizations, survival will have to be charted by people who live in the new world, rather than by people who view the Web as either a threat or a tool to gain temporary power in a mortally wounded industry.”

“As news organizations, we inhabit a temporary existence while we wait for the full birth of this new medium. Traditional news organizations must not invest in transitioning people to this new world; we already live in it.

“Where is the innovation? Not in most of our newsrooms. What our newsrooms do have are decision-makers who have never built a Web page by hand, watched Rocketboom, or listened to a podcast. They don’t ‘get’ YouTube and have never heard of Flickr or del.icio.us or Boing Boing.”

— Keith W. Jenkins, the Picture Editor at The Washington Post. Jenkins –a blogger since 1999– was Photography Director at AOL from 1997-1999.