Kennett expats in environmental face-off

Rock star Sheryl Crow and movie producer Laurie David, who helped work on Al Gore’s Oscar nominated documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” are teaming up for a two-week bus tour across North Texas and the Gulf states. The tour is designed to fight global warming and save the environment.

The tour hopes to stop TXU’s controversial plan to build 11 coal-fired power plants across the state of Texas. Governor Rick Perry’s plan to fast-track the coal plants has been attacked by environmentalists and a coalition of cities.

C. John Wilder, 48, is chairman of the board and CEO of TXU Corp., one of the nation’s largest electric energy companies.

Brother-in-law Lew connects the Kennett dots in this story. Not only are Ms. Crow and Mr. Wilder from Kennett, they lived in the same house (on Emerson Street), although not at the same time.

Sounds like the beginning of a pretty good screenplay, doesn’t it?