The argument for more troops

Matt Taibbi offers a first-hand view of what our troops in Iraq are faced with:

“The argument for more troops assumes that the troops we have there already are actively engaged in making Iraq secure, only there aren’t enough of them.

What I saw was that our troops were mostly engaged in keeping themselves secure — and even that was a very tough job. The Iraq war has gone so wrong that it is no longer an occupation, no longer even a security mission. It’s just a huge mass of isolated soldiers running in place in a walled-off FOB (Forward Operating Base) archipelago, trying not to get shot or blown up and occasionally firing back at an enemy over the wall they can’t see. It’s lunacy. Adding more guys to it just means more lunacy. But our government has a high tolerance for that sort of thing, and I wouldn’t bet on it ending anytime soon.”

Whether you’re for or against more troops, you should read his full post.