“Edwards turns to non-tradtional campaign model”

So reads the headline at WashingtonPost.com. I mention it here because Edwards was one of the keynote speakers (video) last July at Gnomedex, a tech conference held the last couple of years in Seattle. Politicians don’t usually court such a geeky audience. Looks like he might be the first major candidate (since Howard Dean?) to take a serious stab at harnessing some of the new media elements for his campaign.

When it came up in his Gnomedex appearance that he didn’t actually write his blog, the crowd jumped on him. Be interesting to see what he does with his official website.

Update: Just popped over for a look at his blog where the latest news was their ranking (#4) on YouTube. I sampled a few minutes of video from last night’s town hall meeting in Des Moines and realized that he (and other candidates) no longer have to rely on MSM to show a few seconds of an appearance in a newscast. They just post everything. At least, everything positive.

Of course, someone will ask, “But who’s watching YouTube?” And the answer is not “everybody,” but “anybody.”

Do you think there is any chance in hell that Edwards will pull a bone-head stunt like “macaca?”

If not apparant, I should emphasize that my interest here is media, not politics. I’m eager to see what role bloggers and podcasters and YouTube and other forms of social media play in the 2008 (and all future) election.