Clear Channel’s niche play online

“The days of listening to two or three radio stations on a regular basis are long gone, a sign of the times Clear Channel is more than willing to acknowledge. In a direct nod to podcasts and satellite radio, the terrestrial leader is looking to expand its online reach by creating its own hyper-targeted programming for two of the most underserved niche audiences on the airwaves — Nascar fans and the gay community.”

RadioSomebody(s) at Clear Channel has figured out “this Internet thing.” This article is worth a read.

There are probably some NASCAR formats on the air but I’ve never heard one. And I sure don’t expect to hear a station programmed for the gay community. I think this is a brilliant move and would like to hear some of the stuff they produce.

In a very short time, Rock, Country, Easy Listening, News/Talk and similar formats will seem quaint and anachronistic.

I know what you’re thinking. Why not program for gay NASCAR drivers? Why indeed?

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