Will November 8 be a GOP “sick day?”

Looks like there are only a few likely outcomes to Tuesday’s mid-term elections. A) The Republicans hang on keep a slim majority in one or both of the houses. B) The Democrats take a narrow lead in one or both. Or, C) The Democrats win big in both. Scary (if you’re a Republican) big.

I won’t hazard a guess. What intrigues me is how the hard-core conservatives will respond to any or all of the possible outcomes. What’s your line on Wednesday morning when you come into the office?

I assume there is some super-secret email list that will provide… what should we call them… talking points? Perhaps a website like this one, or this one, or they could borrow this list of excuses for John Kerry losing.

After the last couple of elections we heard, “The people have spoken!” If a whole bunch of those same people tell us something different this time, how do we respond?

I was going to offer some possible morning-after responses but I think I’ll wait and take notes during the days following the election. I’ll post some or all here.

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