Mayo Clinic developing a “Treadmill Workstation”

“Instead of sitting in chairs, workers stand in front of a raised workstation and slowly walk on a treadmill. Normally Levine keeps to a one-mile-per-hour pace, which requires little effort or concentration, allowing him to focus his attention on work. But the speed is fast enough to do some good, burning an extra 100 calories an hour – 8,000 calories over a 40 hour work week.”

“The researcher behind the project, Dr. James Levine, says his recent research shows that thin people tend to be on their feet an average of two and a half hours a day more than people who are overweight. Getting office workers up out of their chairs led him to build a prototype ‘treadmill workstation’.” []

No good for me. I can listen to the nano on the treadmill but that’s about it. I see others reading and I’ve tried it but just get dizzy. I can’t even listen to music while working. Just can’t concentrate.