Decision time

Radio Iowa News Director O. Kay Henderson has some excellent advice for those who haven’t seen a debate, haven’t met one of the candidates, and haven’t a clue about how you’re going to vote:

“Go to an “opinion leader” in your life, in your neighborhood, in your community. This could be a person you see tomorrow in church. It could be the person you’re sitting beside at the high school play-off football game on Monday night. It could be a co-worker, or a life-long friend or the owner of the hardware store. Pick somebody whose opinion you respect (and who you suspect has been following the race) and ask them how they’re going to vote and why.

I confess I am one of the clueless to whom Kay refers. I might presume to modify her advice just a tad. Instead of “opinion leader,” I might seek out the smartest, best-informed, good person I can find, and ask him or her.

Take a moment to read Kay’s post. It’s a nice story.