Better/cheaper than a Super Bowl spot

Mark Ramsey points to an article in Advertising Age that hints at how/why advertising is changing. The subject is a 75-second viral film that has been viewed 1.7 million times on YouTube. Three times more views than their Super Bowl ad (and it didn’t cost anything).

The short film is very well done and makes its point very effectively. A really good idea…well executed. Let’s face it, 99% of TV ads are crap. They’re not putting them on YouTube because they know nobody would watch them by choice.

What if …in the future… only the good stuff gets through. Gets seen. For companies like ours… that produce commercials… the question becomes: can we produce something like the film in the AdAge story? Can we make the cream that will rise to the surface?

Or perhaps something like SpotRunner will meet this need.

With the explosion of cable and other local media, there is a huge inventory of local ads, which means that they’re cheap. So businesses that might not never have run TV ads (local real estate brokers, or IT geek squads) are buying local TV. Just because it’s local doesn’t mean it has to be bad.

SpotRunner has a slew of beautifully-filmed innocuous ads on file. Find one, they personalize it at the end and you’re in business. (Seth Godin)