Crouching Tiger, Hidden Kennett Boy

Jeff McVeyBack in May, I posted on Jeff McVey and his wife (Deborah) who I live in a martial arts academy in a small village in the mountains outside of Yantai, China… studying Kung Fu from the Shaolin Monks who teach there. (I shit you not)

Jeff’s momma points us to a brief video of Jeff performing something called the “3rd fist form.” I jumped back to Jeff’s My Space page where I found this update:

I had my first kickboxing match this week. I think I did pretty well. They weren’t actually keeping points, but I controlled the fight and got in some good hits. It’s a little nerve racking to just put on a pair of gloves and go at someone. I know we practice this stuff daily, but it’s a different story when someone is trying to knock you out. However, I really liked it. It’s the best practice you can do for that sort of thing. I think I’ll be a bit more confident the next time we do this.

If I can figure out how to capture or download the video, I’ll give it the Bruce Lee soundtrack it deserves.