Opie and Anthony on Letterman

I’ve been hearing about Opie & Anthony since they got infamous. But I’ve never heard their show. Got my first look at the lads as they chatted with Dave on Late Night (YouTube). I think they’re on XM so I’ll give ’em a listen, just to see what all the fuss is about. I wonder if the the segment will be seen by more people on YouTube than saw it on Letterman? Probably not. It was a pretty typical interview. Hardly viral.

Update (Next morning): I sampled O&A this morning on XM. They were taking calls from listeners (mostly teenage boys) while they (the callers) were going through their parents’ bedroom drawers. Lots of giggling. Hardly fair to judge the show on one brief sample but I didn’t hear anything fresh or original.

But in all fairness, their hands (lips?) are tied by the reality of needing to appeal to a mass audience. They can’t try anything really different that might only appeal to a few thousand listeners. They need hundreds of thousands. Right out of the gate. This is just not an environment for experimentation.