9/11 and the Dawn of Video Citizen Journalism

I made a conscious –or unconscious– effort to not think about the attack on the World Trade Center Towers. I didn’t think I could stand to watch the video again. This evening I stumbled across never-before-seen video shot from 500 yards away and 36 floors up. I can’t think of any words to describe this video. I could not look away. It was somehow more horrible and more compelling without the mindless chatter of news goofs telling us what we are seeing.

Steve Rubel (I found this on his blog) says we should watch this that we never forget. There will be no forgetting the anguish in the voice of the woman shooting the video when the first building collapsed. I can understand why the couple never released the video. And why they finally did.

Forget all the news specials, docu-dramas and made-for-TV movies. This amazing account will sear your brain and break your heart. It’s a long download but, as Steve says, something you should see.