NAB Radio Show: Podcasting session

Scott’s notes and impressions from the podcasting session at the NAB Radio Show. I am assuming the focus was on how broadcasters can use podcasting.

Rather slow and uneventful (although the panel was loaded with the right kind of people)

Subscriptions should be for extra stuff only

Merchandise is huge rev source

Repurposing interviews and special segments GOOD. Normal programming BAD. But time shifting is GOOD. ????

Listeners don’t mind commercials if content is good and on-demand.

The guy next to me breathes very, very loudly.

Podcast listeners are more apt to be info junkies.

None on this panel seem excited or comfortable.

Use podcasting to distribute info/ent that you wouldn’t normally spend valuable air time for.

Perishable programming – content must always be fresh but must have a long shelf life too. People have to be able to come back and relive or discover (archives) and that info/content must be relevant. Ads are the killer. Ads have to be current at all times. PodShow’s tech allows the show to be assembled with current ads whenever the consumer downloads.

Length – 22 min for audio, 5 for video.

Podcasts must promote interaction.

All of this (podcasting, mp3, internet) comes from telephones. It will all go back to telephones. No more “ipod only” products. Speculation.

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