Interview: Dan Shelley, WCBS-TV

Dan ShelleyIn July, my old friend Dan Shelley left WTMJ in Milwaukee and moved to New York as Executive Editor of Digital Media for WCBS-TV. I spoke with him this morning about digital media, journalism, blogging, radio, life in NY and riding in the elevator with Andy Rooney. Dan is pumped about his new job and living in Manhattan.

AUDIO: Interview with Dan Shelley

Dan offered this warning to broadcasters: “If you don’t do more than just stick your toe in the water, if you don’t plunge head-first and totally immerse yourself in the digital media future, and do it now, you will die.”

For those that might have missed it, I interviewed Dan in May, 2005, right after he took over as chairman of the Radio and Television News Director’s Association. He talked the “digital talk,” and now he’s “walking the digital walk.”

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