Weinerschnitzel adjustment

“Now sometimes a pair of briefs – for reasons I cannot understand – have the most annoying characteristic you could ever imagine: In the course of normal walking and sitting, the wearer’s weinershnitzel ends up poking halfway through the flap hole like a turtle coming out of its shell. And before long, the most sensitive part of your body is wedged between your briefs and the harsh denim material of your pants. As I walked toward the departure gate, I was choking Private Johnson and giving him a noogie at the same time.”

— Scott Adams

3 thoughts on “Weinerschnitzel adjustment

  1. As JC’s official announcer of the Munichberg Weiner Dog Races, I resent the double entendre. BTW David — I don’t mean to be a dick, but you spelled “weiner” wrong. Which is OK, since I probably spelled “entendre” wrong.

  2. Knee slapping funny. Boy, is the TSA guy in for s surprise. If you get selected for one of the “secondary” searches.

  3. Steve, you are on record as saying I am funny (as inexplicable as that opinion is). But wienerschnitzel references, while amusing, are not “fall-to-your-knees gasping funny.” Maybe mildy amusing, but that’s it. So you might need to re-examine your opinion of me or the phrase “wienerschnitzel.”

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