Leveraging your customers (fans)

One of the ideas Seth Godin talks about (on his blog, in his speeches and in his new book) is turning your best customers into marketers. Make it easy for them to tell your story. One of the examples: The Beastie Boys gave digital cameras to fifty of their fans and invited them to film one of their concerts. They edited the best of these into a film.

I’m only remotely aware of who the Beastie Boys are but I love the idea. I’d love to try this with one of our sports properties. Some big rivalry might be fun (Missouri vs. Kansas?). The idea isn’t to get great play-by-play shots, but tail-gate fun, etc. I don’t know what you’d get but you announce that the resulting video will be on the Mizzou website (brought to you by Sponsor To Be Named?).

A lot of work? Sure. Big money maker? Maybe not. Lot of fun? Maybe.

2 thoughts on “Leveraging your customers (fans)

  1. Playing the video on the Jumbo-tron (or whatever you call it) at half-time would be very cool. Might be a bitch to edit between kick-off and half-time but if you could, it would be killer.

  2. I think this would be a great idea for a half time show. You could give the cameras to people on Friday. Have them take pictures around the town, and tailgate time on game day. Have them return the cameras before/right at kick off. Have the video guy put it into a video and stick it on the video board. Sponsored by…..
    Great Idea Steve.

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