Final Skype check

SkypeThis is a closed-circuit post for David and Henry. A couple of ancient radio guys and budding podcasters, checking their equipment (you should excuse the expression).

I noticed David was online (via his Skype icon) this evening so I Skyped him and we were chatting away. He in his hotel room in Kansas City…me here at home. And then Henry called in, to check out his new Skype account. Once we figured out how to hook up for a conference call we chatted for a bit (3.5 min), just checking out levels.

David was on a laptop PC on hotel wireless with a Realistic (Radio Shack?!) mic. I was running a Heil PR-20 mic through a little $40 Behringer mixer into the MacBook. Henry was using the built in mic on his MacBook and some headphones. My level was too hot but I wasn’t expecting to talk to either of them, so…

It was Henry’s maiden voyage on Skype so he didn’t know what to expect. But David and I recall many nasty dial-up phoner from our local radio days. But we were all impressed with the quality of our first Skype three-way (you should excuse the expression).

4 thoughts on “Final Skype check

  1. if you are all with the same provider, and you have the option, you can call each other unlimitedly…
    Or if you wait until “evening” (which can be defined differently depending on the provider) or weekends you can call unlimitedly.
    “I’m astonished at how long it takes an idea to filter from the early adopters to the masses….”
    Some of us have been using our cell as the primary form of communications for many years…

  2. Jen might be right. But most cell calls do not sound as good as the Skype connections I’ve gotten. And while I don’t know squat about pricing plans, wouldn’t a 30 min three-way cell call be expensive. But I like the idea of a three-way.

  3. Great audio from Skype! All three voices were audible, understandable, infinitely cleaner than the old phone line recordings.

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