Car stereo with USB port

Eric Benderoff (Tech.Buzz/Chicago loves his JVC KD-G720 car stereo, an aftermarket item into which he can plug (via USB port) an iPod, or a thumb drive filled with MP3 files. The songs play through the car stereo, and he can control the volume and song selection directly through the unit, not the iPod. When his iPod is plugged in, the car stereo charges the music player as it plays. And the song information scrolls across the stereo’s screen, telling him the artist, song name and album title. The thing can also receive satellite radio from XM or Sirius, spin CDs (in WMA and MP3 formats) And play terrestrial radio stations. All for about $200, not including installation.

JVC USB Stereo

This just makes so much more sense than some proprietary, factory-installed hardware. I might have to get me one of these. Yum. [via RAIN]

One thought on “Car stereo with USB port

  1. There are many such beasties coming out in the car-stereo market these days. Kory got herself a very nice Alpine unit earlier this year which has a iPod interface cable that we ran into the glove box. It charges the portable’s battery while it’s connected, and it sounds v-e-r-y nice, even on the factory speakers.
    It also seems important to mention that while being a bleeding-heart progressive is not always compatible with the hedonistic pursuit of consumer electronics, I am a child of the relentless consumer culture and I must agree that, verily, having access to quality tunes in your ride is definitely one of life’s pleasures. Tear that crappy factory stereo right out of there. Just let me know when I need to come over and install the subwoofers in your Toyota.
    Heres the real question, though: does it support XM radio?

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