Health benefits of tea

From a new study in the The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

“If you drink three or more cups of tea a day you might be doing your health more good than drinking plain water. This new study found, among other things, that the urban myth that tea dehydrates could not be further from the truth – tea hydrates as well as water does, say the researchers. Not only will tea rehydrate you, it may also protect you from developing heart disease, and even cancer. Apparently, three or more cups a day may also protect your teeth and strengthen your bones. The researchers say they are not sure why, but believe that flavonoids, polyphenol antioxidants, which are found in abundance in tea, may play a major role. Flavonoids help prevent cell damage.” [Medical News Today]

I drink gallons of iced tea, year round. Can’t get enough. And it’s good for me.

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