(Almost) End of Deadwood

Since the beginning of this season of Deadwood, I’ve been wondering if this is the end. Scott points us to the answer at TVseriesFinale.com.

When it was announced that HBO would we cutting the series short after three seasons, fans signed petitions, took out an ad in Variety, sent letters and made calls indicating that they would cancel their HBO subscriptions at the end of Deadwood’s third season (next week). http://www.savedeadwood.net/

As a result, Deadwood will return next season, but instead of a full-blown 12-episode season to complete the series, HBO and (creator) Milch will instead produce a pair of two-hour movies.

Milch has said that he wasn’t in favor of doing a six-episode season because each episode of Deadwood has typically represented one day in the lives of the characters and South Dakota area. Shifting to two-hour movies will allow him to break that format and to be able to complete the storytelling he had for the final season.

2 thoughts on “(Almost) End of Deadwood

  1. After having seeing some dude try to pass a stone and then watching the apothecary (or whatever the hell he was) try to extract it from his body, I refuse to watch “Deadwood”. Too horrifying.

  2. I consider myself a western fan, but I have never gotten into Deadwood. Maybe it’s the language. Was fuck even a word in the 1800’s?

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