Kennett’s Tomlinson a Stern fav

J-Dub (a foam-at-the-mouth Howard Stern fan) reports that Kennett singer/songwriter Trent Tomlinson gets some mega-exposure on on Stern’s show:

Howard Stern plays one of his tunes frequently. Mrs. Howard Stern, a little drunk vixen, chose Drunker than Me as the tune to sing along to for Howard. They love it so much, that they play it all the time on the show. Good exposure for Trent.

I love the thought of Trent and Sheryl Crow co-writing and performing a song. I gotta believe somebody is already working on that.

One thought on “Kennett’s Tomlinson a Stern fav

  1. FYI, It’s ‘Miss Howard Stern’ not ‘Mrs. Howard Stern’. It’s a title, like “Miss America’, etc. (and Mrs. implies that she’s married to Howard Stern, which she’s not.)
    BTW, her name is Andrea Brooke Ownbey. You can hear a clip of her singing along to Trent Tomlinson’s ‘Drunker Than Me’ song if you go to Andrea’s unofficial myspace page:
    Also, Andrea is scheduled to appear on the Howard Stern show with Trent Tomlinson on July 24th.

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