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“What I think sets apart a good blog from a bad one in most cases is not the knowledge or experience of the blogger but how interesting they make the content.”

That’s how Chris Garrett begins a recent post (“Expertise; Is it Necessary?”) on

“If you are not an expert but can be interesting or write particularly well I believe you can more than make up for a lack of expertise. Have all that and expertise you will probably do even better but don’t hold back because you don’t consider yourself an expert.”

I sincerely belive that I could write a decent blog on any number of topics about which I know nothing. Let me rephrase that, more in line with the point Mr. Garrett is making:

I can write a better blog about something for which I have little or no expertise, than the expert who just can’t blog. As Mr. Garrett points out, if the guy who knows everything about fly fishing is also a good blogger…he’s your guy.

This idea goes a long way toward explaining the growing success of AgWired and other professional bloggers. They don’t have to know everything about…alternative fuels, for example… to blog about it. The information is out there. And, if you’re doing it for a client, you’ll have access to all the information and expertise you might need to be credible.

Mr. Garrett was inspired to write his post by a satirical Wired piece by Stephen Colbert on how to be an expert

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