I don’t want to play outside

“Addiction” is such a strong word. I prefer “passion.” Sunday monring here in beautiful Destin and we’re coming to you from the local Barnes & Noble ($2/hr). Mac Update: I’m unable to access any of the open wifi hotspots with the Mac Book but brother-in-law Chris is getting on with his ancient Dell. I had to put the Mac Book away to the hoots and jeers of a room full of PC users. Chris let me use his laptop but it was just too humiliating, so I slunk (slank?) away and came to B&N. I gotta go now. Mom says I have to go down to the beach and play with the other kids.

Oh, almost forgot. No HBO either. I think I’m Tivo’ing Deadwood and Entourage but will somebody please record these, just in case?

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