Hell freezes over

Phil's MacBook Phil Atkinson, head of Learfield’s IT operation, was forced… I mean, he really had no choice… to purchase a MacBook Pro. As our company does more with podcasting and video and iTunes… having a Mac in the house will just make Phil’s life a little easier. At least, that’s the line he gave me. Here you see him closing the cover on the win box and opening the Mac. An image heavy with symbolism. He reports that Bootcamp makes it a snap to run OSX and XP (sound of cash register in Cupertino).

One thought on “Hell freezes over

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ha ha ho… Ohhhh… Man… Just give me a minute here… Hoooohah ha ha ha ha ha! Brilliant. How long will it be before he admits it’s the only computer he really wants to use? Vindication at long last!

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