Handicap Parking Permit Required

Can you remember the last time you saw someone park in a handicap space and get out with crutches or a wheelchair? Me either. I’ve ranted about this before so I’ll keep this brief. My theory is that most folks using these spaces are suffering from a severe case of fat and lazy.

I wouldn’t deny them their parking permit but I would require they have a small chip implanted. And once a year, completely at random, they would be paralyzed from the waist down for 24 hours.

10 thoughts on “Handicap Parking Permit Required

  1. I surrender. There are lots of legit medical reasons to have a handicap parking permit, that would not be obvious to a casual observer. I think I knew that but welcome the reminder. My original post was aimed at those who have NO real need for special parking and abuse the permits.
    So here’s my new position: If you even THINK you need a handicap permit, I want you to have it. Hell, I’m one of those people that park waaaay out in the lot because I don’t like crowded parking.
    If your physical challenge is you are obese… or shortness of breath from two packs a day… hey, that’s between you and your doctor and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  2. Bingo.
    Oddly enough, I think that handicapped spots should be for the handicapped.
    Call me crazy…..

  3. My ex-inlaws both had COPD. They didn’t need crutches. Neither were fat or lazy. My mother needed handicapped accessibility too. Steve, get a life and a clue.

  4. Thank goodness I don’t work for you, Steve. Am I heavy? Yep. Because of my back problems- I was right at my target weight when my back went out 10 years ago, and very active. My back and leg problems are genetic, and I use the parking card on occasion because I do have mobility issues- but not to the point of needing a chair, and crutches are temporary.
    As well, I have a co-worker who has a heart condition. She doesn’t need a chair either- but when the weather is hot or very cold, she can only take minimal exposure.
    Your post is made in incredible ignorance. Perhaps you need to walk a mile in our shoes before you mouth off.

  5. I’m “legally blind” and can get the stupid hang tag to carry around to the cars I ride in, but!
    I still huff it from the “overflow” parking in the back forty at work. Since if I can partake in a weekly spin class at the “Y” with all the thin pretty people. Then why the heck do I need a parking spot by the door?

  6. Quick story: I have a handicapped sticker because of neurological issues in my legs (can’t walk too far) but I usually park in the closest non-crip spot because there’s always someone with a worse problem than mine. About a year ago, as I pulled into a regular spot at a Best Buy, my blue sticker evident in the windshield, a young woman, who had apparently had her eye on the spot as well, took me to task. I still shake my head when I remember her words: “Why don’t you people use your own spaces?”

  7. I have to say I can’t remember the last time I did see someone in a handicap place that was actually handicapped? Not saying that there are individuals that truly are handicapped, but too me obesity is not handicapped, it’s laziness. Can you actually get a handicapped sticker today just because you let yourself become unhealthy and obese?

  8. Vern makes a good point. Just because handicap parking places are too often missused and abused by those that don’t need them…doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have them and plenty of them for those that do. The post is aimed at the former group rather than the latter.

  9. I can’t agree with you more Steve. If they are “Handicapped” it’s because of their obesity. Their back is bad (because of their fat belly they are hauling around) their knees hurt (due to the 220 LBS they are holding up) Welcome to America!!! Where the American dream is to own your own business and be as unhealthy as possible.

  10. I remember because I do. Able people who park in crip spots (I can call them that because I am one) should be fined, and heavily. But I wouldn’t wish disability on anyone.

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