Snapple sole radio station sponsor

For the next month, Snapple will be the only advertiser on Boston radio station WFNX. It’s a $2 million deal that includes Snapple mentions by on-air talent; event sponsorships; etc. The station’s programming and listener demos were a match for the Snapple folks, so…

Listeners can just punch away if they get tired of Snapple mentions but how do you keep the station announcers from blowing their brains out. [AdJab via]

One thought on “Snapple sole radio station sponsor

  1. Interesting premise, but what about the OTHER clients that want their products advertised? What are the sales people doing during this lull? Someone is not making their budget and is probably pissed by now. When the Snapple month is over, how many past clients will have found different outlets that actually may work better than the station? As a past (and hopefully future) programmer, I see dead clients.

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