Political bloggers meet in Las Vegas

Potential presidential candidates, campaign representatives and Washington reporters were in abundance Friday at the YearlyKos 2006 Convention, a three-day gathering of bloggers in Las Vegas. Markos Moulitsas, the founder of the Daily Kos and the blogger for whom the meeting is named:

“Both parties have failed us. Republicans have failed us because they can’t govern. Democrats have failed because they can’t get elected. So now it’s our turn.”

Uh, our turn to do what? Never mind. As someone who jots about radio and blogging frequently, I found this observation interesting:

“The blogosphere has become for the left what talk radio has been for the right: a way of organizing and communicating to supporters. Blogging is nowhere near the force among Republicans as it is among Democrats, and talk radio is a much more effective tool for Republicans.”

You can read the full story here (Thanks to Henry for the pointer).

Idea for documentary film: Send Kay, Darin and John to YearlyKos 2007. Crew follows each around the convention. Kind of a living Left, Right and Center. Assuming, of course, Darin gets released from blogger rehab by then.

One thought on “Political bloggers meet in Las Vegas

  1. I would love to go, but I don’t think you can put John as the sensible centrist…as he would be to the “left” of even the most ardent “liberal.” (these labels have become pretty worthless but they are shorthand) Can’t say for sure about Kay, either. Perhaps Kay is the “center” (whatever that means) and John is the lefty?
    I think I could fairly consistently be counted on for the small “c” conservative, quasi-libertarian view–After all-I just got me Rush Limbaugh radio implant installed so now I automatically receive my marching orders without even turning on the radio.
    With proper editing, I can imagine watching 1 and a half hours of footage of three takes of the same event with three different conclusions. Maybe this would work better covering something else, instead of a blogger convention (zzzzzzz) perhaps cover a doomed presidential run as it happens a la the junior senator from New York, or an exclusive close up look at a state political party/race/administration–or a political action group or lobbying group as they attempt to affect change good/bad/indifferent.
    It has always fascinated me that two people can take objective information that is presented and come to diametrically oppposite conclusions. It has to be a function of the baggage that everyone brings with them on the journey…
    Anyway, where do I sign up?

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