Mac migration continues

After I purchased my iPod nano (a year ago? two years?), I installed iTunes on my home desktop Windows machine. And for the most part, that has worked fine. This morning I migrated everything over to the Mac Book and sync’d up the nano. My original thought was I wanted to be able to update podcasts wherever I might be. Before, I had hook up to the home PC…now I sync with the Mac Book which I am keeping with me more and more.

I’ve also loaded my Outlook contacts back on the nano (I’ve found this to be extremely useful). First time I did this it was a bit of a pain. Had to export the contacts from my Win machine at work and jump thru a couple of hoops to get the file on the nano. These days, I keep my Mac Book Address Book sync’d with work (I just drag and drop a file) and sync’ing the nano with the Mac Book is… well, you’ve seen the TV ads.

Pre-Mac, I tended to keep a lot of stuff scattered between home, work, laptop. I find myself looking for ways to get my most important stuff on the Mac. I’m looking forward to my first road trip with the Mac.

One thought on “Mac migration continues

  1. I too am having the same experience with my new black MacBook. I was not looking fwd to transferring 25G of PC files over (mostly mp3s), but it was a snap! Mac does take some getting used to, but I’ve found that their solutions are far and away more superior.
    I’m going to Vancouver on my first trip with a laptop soon, and I’m looking fwd to (finally) taking everything with me… and wireless is an absolute dream when piggybacking on various networks.
    My girlfriend asked me why I “needed” to bring the MacBook along on a relatively short (2 week) trip: “Because I’m addicted to it like liquid cocaine!” (She relates to it as “My Mistress”… and with good reason.)
    PS – Couldn’t load your RSS feed in to Google, is the link correct?

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