Colonel Sanders was an “older gentleman”

Say howdy to the newest Learfield blogger (the Ramblings of Rick), Rick Kennedy. I normally give newbies a few days to get their feet under them, as it were. But I have a feeling Rick will stick. His first post is a gracious nod to a few of the the other Learfield bloggers, including smays:

Colonel SandersPerhaps the most diligent blogger I’ve ever known is Steve Mays. He’s not an “old guy”, but is an older gentleman. He’s of an age from which one wouldn’t expect much computer savvy, let alone tight, quality blogging. He blogs every day, lets loose his conviction, political views and general moral fibre (or lack thereof) and packages it all in very entertaining and informative prose.

Older gentleman? Let’s face it…from 58 you can throw your walker and hit 60. But it’s tough to see in print, even in the middle of some very kind words. Colonel Sanders is an “older gentleman.” Mark Twain is an “older gentleman.” (Okay, they’re dead, but you get my drift) I want to be your Funky Web Monkey. Or, your Pile Drivin’ Digital Daddy. Almost anything but an “older gentleman.” (Sigh)

But let’s not make this about me. Let’s keep an eye on The Ramblings of Rick and encourage our new Brother in Blogging.

Update: I couldn’t sleep, worrying about “Ramblings of Rick” as a blog title. I humbly offer the following as alternatives:

Ricky, Ricky bo Bicky Bonana fanna fo Ficky Fee fy mo Mickey, Ricky! Dot Com
Brother Rick’s Traveling Blogathon
Rick Shaw, Kung Fu Blogger
Rick’s Place
Rickaford Nation

3 thoughts on “Colonel Sanders was an “older gentleman”

  1. Hey P-triple-D: Considering the options, “older gentleman” is likely the best you’ll get out of a guy like Rick. He needs to remember that 80 is the new 65. Now where’d I put my cane?

  2. In 2006, anyone who can correctly insert a name into “The Name Game” is, by definition, an “older gentleman.”

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