Clyde’s Tips for Success

Our company is experiencing something of a growth spurt and there are lots of fresh, young faces in the hallways. Learfield Grand Poobah Clyde Lear offers the new kids some advice:

Throw yourself into your job. Learn it very well. Show your superiors you’re grateful to have work — many don’t. Be inquisitive about Learfield, about what all is going on around you. Ask about things you don’t understand; push for answers. Feel free to offer suggestions. Don’t feel hurt if your great ideas are scuttled; push for reasons why. Go to lunch, or otherwise find outside social opportunities to be with associates — all of whom probably outrank you. Arrive early and stay late. Walk briskly with your head erect. Dress better than average. Remain quiet –not outspoken– in departmental meetings. Become involved in a community of friends outside of work. Be respectful, but not intimidated, by management; feel free to email or stop by our offices anytime. Expect to advance and be bold in seeking new opportunities. And, read my blog everyday!