Clyde on cover of JC Business Times

Business TimesThe local Business Journal did a nice piece on Learfield, including a glam shot of Clyde on the cover. The reporter, David Reed, picked up on Clyde’s love of technology:

Lear’s desk gadgets, including a Blackberry, a laptop (from which he posts to his blog on Learfield’s Web site) and an iPod, show how comfortable he is with the latest technologies.

The 62-year-old techie picked up his cell phone and made a pronouncement: “I’ll guarantee you that in 18 months to two years, you’ll be able to watch every Missouri football game right here, watch it live,” he said. “We’re the company that’s going to make that happen. The university is entrusting us to make this happen for them. They don’t want to deal with a company that is going to lag behind. Our job is to be out front of the technology game.”

I might have to upgrade from my Wal-Mart Tracfone. I’d link to the story but, alas, the JCBT does not have a web site.

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