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My nominee is L. A. Confidential (1997). Lots of longer, high-explosive endings, but I have to put LAC on the short-list. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll remember a scene where Russell Crowe’s character is in a bar, talking to some tough guy, when he (Crowe) reaches down and grabs the guy by the family jewels. I couldn’t help but wonder if the scene wasn’t inspired by Mississippi Burning (1988). Gene Hackman got a similar grip on Michael Rooker. For 100 Bonus Points, can you name other movies where somebody grabs somebody (else) in this sensitive area?

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  1. I must apologize for mixing “best end-of-movie shoot out” and “Grip of Death” scenes in the same post. It’s getting confusing.
    Now, for 10,000 bonus points, can you bring me a movie with a scene in which someone gets The Big Squeeze in the MIDDLE of a shoot-out?

  2. In “Gladiator,” Proximo, the games provider, grabbed the jewels of the slave trader for selling him non-mating giraffes.

  3. Probably the funniest “sensitive area” grab was in “Porky’s” ( when Mrs. Balbricker played by Nancy Parsons tried to pull (I believe it was )”Tommy” (Wyatt Knight) through the shower by his you know what.

  4. One of my favorite nut-grabbers lately wasn’t in the movies, but on “The Sopranos”, when Feech LaManna (MU alum Robert Loggia) had to straighten-out a misguided tree-trimmer in order to secure the neighborhood business for his nephew. Had a real “ooooohhh” factor.

  5. Ahh, you missed the best one – the all time greatest end of movie shootout has to go to Heat (1995) with Pacino, DeNiro, and Kilmer.
    Oh you have to love this, I found the clip of the shootout on YouTube:

    Rapid M16 fire in a downtown setting – pretty intense stuff. Viewed on a widescreen with good sound it’s stunning. :)

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