Twenty-two years and counting

It’s almost that time again. On June 4th I will have been chained to a Learfield galley oar for 22 years. I am proud to say that Learfield founder and CEO Clyde Lear recruited and hired me and changed my life forever. I’ll resist the usual cult-rant and point you to Clyde’s blog. Everybody whose CEO is blogging with this kind of candor an openess…raise your hand.

Some can remember six years ago when things around here weren’t so rosy. We lost money. All of you took a pay cut for several months; I went six months with no salary at all. Remember what I told you then?

This either makes you real uncomfortable or it gives you goose bumps. I love it, of course. Clyde is a natural blogger. He got it immediately. Many (most) do not.

We met with a prospective client today and in a two-hour meeting, radio came up twice…in passing. When I asked the client to rank their website (with all forms of communication) on a scale of 1 to 10…she gave it a nine and couldn’t think of anything that was more important in getting their message out. She also confided that her website wasn’t very good. When I suggested she consider adding a blog…it was as though I had suggested adding child porn.

It’s really quite amazing. Reactions to blogging are highly polarized. A (very) few know about blogging and are eager to put it to use for their company or organization. Many (most) have no idea what blogging is and –simultaneously– are petrified by the very idea.

We have established this formalized communication made up of press releases, brochures, slick media kits and, yes, Main Stream Media… that is as stiff and structured as a Greek drama. But we all have our parts and know our lines. We have a script. And out of nowhere, come these bloggers and podcasters writing and saying any damn thing and it’s scary as hell. Line, please!

What was I talking about? I remember… 22 years at Camp Learfield. Halfway there.

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