Post dearth

I feared the MacBook (more specifically, the Mac OS) would cut into blogging time and it has. I just noticed I failed to post all day Sunday and –except for this pathetic jot– nothing today. I rolled in around 7:30 this morning and that feels like 15 minutes ago. Still a couple of hours to go. We’re streaming an hour-long special on the NFL Draft (vis a vis the Green Bay Packers) at six this evening so I’m sticking around to archive the audio. Looking back on the day, I find I’m still a little amazed at the issues that chew up time here at the beginning of the 21st century. A conference call with a client on using podcasts to communicate with a couple of thousand sales reps; problems with our own podcasts on iTunes; feeding the growing number of blogs… and on and on. In a month, the Learfieldometer will roll over for the 22nd time and I’m struck by how much has changed. And how much of that change has taken place in the past ten years.

What was my point? Oh, I know. Much of the energy and thought that has gone into has been siphoned off to similar tasks at work. I’m a black nanny that’s too pooped at the end of the day –from caring for the plantation owner’s chillren’ — to play with her own babies. (Cue plaintive Negro spiritual)

The low-hanging fruit of blogging is surfing some good sites and skimming off the cream for your own blog. But I’m having trouble finding time to surf. THIS WEB BULLSHIT IS GETTING IN THE WAY OF…OF…OF my web…bullshit. Diagnosis: Advanced Digital Schizophrenia.

I started off talking about playing with the MacBook and I am making some progress. To get all of my Outlook 2003 contacts on the Mac, I simply emailed them (as vCards) to my Mac email account and pulled them into Address Book. Bing, bang, boom. Done. I don’t recall importing/exporting addresses being that easy, even from one Win box to another. Speaking of Mac stuff… I’m eager to try the video chat thing and I need someone with a webcam and the know-how on the other end. If you’re game, email me at SteveMays at Gmail.

Tomorrow night I attend my first Mac Users Group meeting. Christ, I hope there’s no humiliating initiation.

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