Jon Stewart wails on former Learfielder

“First, host Jon Stewart mocked WTWO-TV (Terre Haute) GM Duane Lammers for his reaction to Stewart’s earlier mocking of a WTWO promo for its weather team. Stewart had made fun Monday of the ad, which bragged that WTWO’s weather team had 45 years of combined weathercasting experience vs. 30 years for competitor WTHI. Stewart marveled at a weather “attack ad.” Lammers, who came up with the spot, apparently responded in a local paper to the mocking, saying people in the industry love the ad, though he said that Thursday’s airing will be its last because it has run its course.

Wednesday, Stewart reiterated his earlier comment that the ad was “fucking retarded,” and then called Lammers the cable equivalent of a wussy for not airing NBC’s Book of Daniel in January.” — Broadcasting & Cable

I only mention because Duane worked at Learfield (the company I work for) many years ago. Just down the hall.

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