iMovie vs. Studio 9

I created a little video this afternoon, primarily to get some experience with Apple’s iMovie (on the MacBook). I’ve been using Pinnacle’s Studio 9 (Windows) for a few years and like it a lot. And I’m comfortable with it. And I can’t say the same for iMovie (Mac) so this really wasn’t a fair comparison.

Having said all of that, I find that I can do more with Studio 9. There are probably features in iMovie that I haven’t discovered yet. But my sense is that iMovie is great for making a little DVD of the Easter Egg Hunt or some after-work fetch with your pups (below), but if you want to do much more than a title, some transitions and a music bed… you’ll want something a little more feature-rich. Which I find Studio 9 to be.

But like I said, I’m just groping around here. The video runs 14 minutes and the file is a hefty 21 meg. I optimized for very small screen (about the size of the image to the right). If you expand this to full screen it will look like shit. Keep it small for best results.

5 thoughts on “iMovie vs. Studio 9

  1. I’ve purchased a copy of Final Cut Express and will report back after I’ve had an opportunity to compare with Studio 9.

  2. You’re one handsome sonofabitch. And I mean that in the most un-gay way possible.
    I love Studio 9, I use it for family home movies and such.

  3. Your perecption of iMovie’s intended audience is correct. It’s designed to enable people who never thought they could cut together a video to cut videos together. Apple has two other levels of video editing program that might be more appealing to you; final cut express, and final cut pro. (
    Though, they are not free with your Mac, I have no doubt they will beat the snot out of Pinnacle Studio 9. I guess I just don’t want you to get the impression that you have finally found the magic arena of function where your Windows computer is more empowering for you than your Mac. I want that search to go on forever. :-)

  4. I watched the video just a few miles from you in my room at the Capitol Plaza (where they charge for access, but I’ve found I can’t spend a day without) and enjoyed it. It seems as if you were channeling Spalding Gray. You spoke of cool. I always thought that one of the “cool” people was Spalding Gray. I miss that he is no longer with us. Last night I was at a table in a bar in Springfield watching Slick Ballinger when this guy (25 -27 y.o.) pulls out a pack of Lucky Strike non-filters – I was impressed.

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