Hi, my name is Steve.

Mac adAttended my first meeting of the local Mac User Group last night. Met some nice people and saw a couple of good demos. George Kopp showed us how Boot Camp makes it possible to run the Mac OS and Windows XP on the Mac. Very handy. And George speculated that the next Mac OS will make it even easier. Saw a fascinating demonstration of SketchUp, a 3D landscape design application. And we started off the evening playing the new Mac TV ads that started airing this week. I’m the guy on the left but I want to be the guy on the right. These are great ads that tap directly into the Mac Lust I posted on several weeks back.

Before leaving the subject of Macs… a thought on the age-old Mac vs. PC debate. I’m too new to Mac and too technically ignorant to have an opinion of which might be the superior computing experience. But after only a couple of weeks, I have a theory. Macs are more fun than PC’s. A person who knows what they’re doing can probably get the job down with either Mac or PC but I suspect the Mac user will have more fun getting it done. If that matters to you.

Last MacNugget: Scheduled to try out the iChat thing tomorrow night with Bass. If there’s a way to record the video chat, I’ll post some here.

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  1. I appreciate the debate between Mac and PC… and am at the near-break point on buying a Mac, but I’m thinking that the best is yet to come as we near the OS 10.5 release. Thought you might be interested in the excellent observations that “i,Cringley” (http://www.pbs.org/cringely/) made over the last few issues of his weekly column from his extended embedded position in the Silicon Valley engineering social infrastructure. See back issues from 4/06 forward to get an incredible (future) appreciation for the machine you’ve just purchased.
    Best, SC

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