Funky Senior Moment #001

As I pulled into the office parking lot this morning (shortly before 8:00 a.m.) Aretha shuffled up on the iPod (“R-E-S-P-E-C-T”) so I cranked the volume. Which is why I didn’t hear the 4Runner beeping a reminder that the engine was still running. When I returned from lunch (1:00 p.m.) the guys in IT were looking out the window at the parking lot, wondering what dumb-ass had left their car running. A quick search for my keys revealed that dumb-ass was moi. Six hours @ $2.80 a gallon = Oh shit!

3 thoughts on “Funky Senior Moment #001

  1. At least you didn’t misplace your keys. That would have really stumped you. Be well.

  2. Hopefully your turn signal was off. On the bright side, you now are qualified to call my talk show and complain about the government.

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