Event blogging

Uber-blogger Chuck is in Indianapolis this week, blogging the Indy 500. In a couple of weeks, he’ll be blogging the Country Music Association Fan Fair in Nashville.

Hard to know how many others (if any) are getting paid to blog these high-profile events, but Chuck is and that’s noteworthy. And every time Chuck does one of these, it’s one more in his portfolio to show prospective clients.

One thought on “Event blogging

  1. The portfolio will be growing significantly larger with my participation as a convoy driver in the “The Interstate is 50” cross country event June 16 – 29. You can see the route here: http://interstate50th.org/convoy-map.shtml . I haven’t even posted this yet so you’re getting an exclusive. It’ll be a 15 day blog adventure.
    Oh, and then I’ll be heading directly to the Kansas Lottery Indy 300 on July 2 to blog another IRL race with a focus on the Ethanol Car. And the beat goes on . . .

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