Blogging Ohio FFA Convention

BARNA couple of months ago I posted on the idea that blogging might be the best way to cover some events. Andy Vance (Buckeye Ag Radio Network) makes the case nicely with his recent posts from the Ohio FFA Convention. Check out his posts on May 5 and 6. Sounds like he had some wifi and was blogging away in real time.

“The anticipation is finally over! The 2006-2007 State Officer Team is taking the stage at this very moment!”

I wish he had created a category tag for this series of posts, and maybe a few images and a sound bite or two. But those are nitpicks. All the meat is there. I still have trouble understanding why the event organizers, in this case the Ohio FFA, don’t have an “official blogger” to do this as well. I could find nothing of the sort on their website. At the very least, check to see if someone like Andy is blogging and provide a link. Call it the “unofficial” blog.

I’m sure the thinking is: “No, no… we can’t do that. We have no idea what this Andy person might say about our convention.” Well, guess what? He said it anyway. And I found it and read it. And it was all positive. Well done, Andy.

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  1. Thanks for noticing Steve! You’re spot on – I was backstage throughout the convention, trusty iBook and WiFi firing on all cylendars. I was the official, unofficial blogger of convention, but I basically got the gig because I’m on the FFA Foundation Sponsors Board and was going to be there cutting radio interviews anyway. To that end, by Monday we should have audio, video, and photographic evidence of my weekend with the blue and gold! Check back early and often!

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