Oooh! Aaah!

In time, I suppose I’ll come to appreciate the the more philosophical (spiritual?) aspects of the Mac invironment. For now, I’m finding delight in small discoveries:

  • Font Finder – I weep to think of the wasted hours trying to identify a font. No more.
  • Dictionary – If Windows (Not Word) has one, I never found it. Yes, I know I could have installed one.
  • Outliner – Just a simple little applet for organizing thoughts. (See Dictionary above)
  • Lighted Keyboard – It was dusk and getting difficult to see the keyboard. As I reached for the lamp, the Mac keyboard became backlit. My Thinkpad had a wee light that shone down on the keyboard. Better than nothing, but…

I wonder if the Great Mac Mystique is really nothing more than lots of little “oohs” and “aahs” like these. I’m confident that, in time, I will come to appreciate, if not understand, the the more substantive differences between the two operating systems. For now, I will amaze the people of my village with tales of wonder.

One thought on “Oooh! Aaah!

  1. Rather than philosophical I would see it as aesthetic. The word elegance comes to mind. Yes there are lots of little “‘oohs” and ‘aahs'” which are fun, but hopefully the way it all fits together, the attention-to-detail, like a well crafted cabinet, should become apparent.

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