Now I want you to shave your head

News goddess and closet screenwriter Kay Henderson reports that her niece, who lives in Park City, Utah, took the Nevada bar exam when she lived in Vegas. She then took and passed the California bar when she moved to San Francisco; and passed the Utah bar in February. This is the story of how her significant other, Mike, obtained her exam results.

The results were posted on the (law school?) website this past Monday, but you needed your number to check. Kay’s niece didn’t have her number with her at work. Boyfriend Mike was anxious enough to call the local UPS office where they get their mail, and convince them to open his girlfriends’s mail, and read the letter and results over the phone. Mike said the whole room cheered. Mike then persuaded the UPS folks to scan the letter and email it to his girlfriend who is at work in Salt Lake the entire time, unaware that this is going on.

Do we cheer UPS for their cooperation? Do we damn them for really shitty security? I just hope Mike never calls me and asks me to do anything really stupid.

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