Michael Gruber’s Valley of Bones

I just finished my second Michael Gruber novel (Valley of Bones) and liked it as much as his first (Tropic of Night). But I confess I’m having some trouble getting over the revleation (a couple of years ago) that he ghost-wrote 16 of the Butch Karp novels for Robert Tannenbaum. I’ve posted on this before (the “can’t get over it” part) but, damn! Sixteen books?! I loved the Buth Karp novels and feel …betrayed… that they person I thought wrote them, didn’t. A littlle googling revealed that Gruber and Tanenbaum are first cousins and when Gruber decided to go solo, they had a serious falling out. If you’re a Butch Karp fan, you feel my pain. If you’re not… you don’t know or care what the mellon farmer I’m talking about.

One thought on “Michael Gruber’s Valley of Bones

  1. If you like “mellon farmer” you really need to rent “Johnny Dangerously.”
    I remember watching it on TV with my dad years ago. He laughed uproariously every time somebody used the phrase “fargin’ icehole,” which probabley says more aboug the old man’s sense of humor than it does about the movie.

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