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Do people still get what we once called “new car fever?” A completely irrational, irresistable desire to buy a new car? I buy a new Toyota every 10 or 15 years, so I don’t suffer from this particular affliction. I am, however, suffering from Mac lust. I want one of the new MacBook Pros. I have a couple of computers at work; a year-old Dell here at home; a perfectly good ThinkPad. I do not need another computer. But I want one. I have never used a Mac. Don’t look forward to having to learn a new operating system or move back and forth between Mac and PC.

I want a Mac because they are cool. And all the cool kids have them. They are sexy. There is no logic or reason at work here. This is happening in the lizard part of my brain. I’ve thought about sneaking over to St. Louis to the Apple store and putting my hands on one of the new MacBooks. But that’s like saying I’ll just lie down on the bed next to the super-model, but we won’t “do anything.” If I walk in that store, I’ll walk out $2,500 poorer. So I’m holding on. Like a junkie trying to survive the shakes and chills and maybe in the morning I won’t want that fix.

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  1. Mac Lust

    //MOOD: Lustful //ITUNES: Riffs And Variations On A Single Note For Jelly Roll, Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong, Baby Dodds, And The King of Swing, To Name A Few from the album “Come On Feel The Illinoise!” by Sufjan Stevens…

  2. Do it. There is much more to switching to a Mac than cool, tasteful minimalist design. It’s operating system is technically superior – safer and way more stable. The machine itself is technically superior to any Thinkpad. So it’s not just looks, it’s also a lot of brains.

  3. Mac Lust

    //MOOD: Lustful //ITUNES: Riffs And Variations On A Single Note For Jelly Roll, Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong, Baby Dodds, And The King of Swing, To Name A Few from the album “Come On Feel The Illinoise!” by Sufjan Stevens…

  4. Considering buying a MacBook Pro and checking my software needs, I finally found no alternative to MS ACCESS which is not available for a Mac. Using ACCESS in an emulator or in a parallel installation doesn’t make sense for me.
    “Mac Lust”: I can understand you, there are parts in my brain sometimes telling me to buy one, just to reach a new level of happiness. Am I normal??

  5. I started with a 12″ PowerBook last year & made the transition without the option of bringing along any of my windows apps. The first month was a bit rough as I tried to sort out how I was going to do some of the old stuff without buying all new software. Then I discovered a wonderful community that, wouldn’t you know, offered many of the same type of apps I used to use but for free! Not pirated but true 100% legal & free! The only regrets I had were the lack of games compiled to run on MACs. Then just this year I bought an Intel iMAC (Oooos & Awwes). Now with the release of BootCamp I really have no reason to go back! (the games run awesome on my iMac) Given the recent partnerships that Apple has taken on with Microsoft it’s becoming obvious that even Microsoft sees that they can’t hold back the flood. Sell off your old laptops & get a MacBook Pro. Need solid reasons?
    1)Dual Boot of OS X & Windows (one laptop does it all)
    A stable & superior OS X for personal use & a less stable Windows for any necessary business that requires it. Not: with virtualization of Windows you won’t even need to re-boot for this.
    2)Actual hardware accelerated Virtualization options with release of Leopard. (Interesting that Microsoft is co-oping on this one)
    3)A whole BSD open license community developing free apps.
    4)Far superior hardware for running both OSes. MacBook Pro tested out as the overall fastes Core Duo laptop on the market & that was even before the release by Apple of working hardware drivers for Windows.
    5)Apple always utilizes the latest & greatest technology. Since I started using a MAC I have found myself learning far more about the bleeding edge of technology than before & as a result that makes me more valuable to my employer.
    Bottom line: when you balance initial cost against long-term gain it is a no brainer. If you do anything with the computer industry the advantages increase two fold. A job interview for example, think it will make a difference in impression for the interviewer if you come in strutting a nice clean new MacBook Pro? Now mind you, have a good reason to bring it with you or they’ll think you’re weird.
    Live your Life! Get a MAC!

  6. Trust your feelings, Luke. Do not be tempted by the DELL, er, DARK side! Come to the light…the pretty, pretty light…see the glowing Apple logo…it’s…so…pretty…

  7. Do it! I’m an old Unix beard, went Mac (OS X particularly) at the behest of a certain rock band and haven’t looked back. Indeed the old geek is now creative. — JFDI.

  8. Do what we all do… Wait, wait, and wait some more for a cheaper consumer line ibook (macbook), buy it and then convince your girlfriend or best friend that mac is the way to go. Then push them to buy a more expensive model. Of course you’ll have to come over and explain them how a mac works and install all the necessary software. Hog the machine for a couple of days and then retreat wanting the macbook pro even more then before… It’s the mac circle of life.

  9. TQ, I want you to breath into this paper bag a few times for me. You okay now? Feeling a little less…dreamy? Good.

  10. Eat your heart out. I have one!!! And it has made me, finally, happy. Before that, I had $2500. After that, I am, finally, happy. Dreamy.

  11. Yep. I feel the same. I JUST bought a new HP laptop, yet really WANTED the Mac. I am afraid of the software availability and compatibility, and the networking compatibility between the Macs and PCs. Might be irrational fear, but it keeps me from taking the leap.

  12. DO IT! Once you go Mac, you never go back! As an added bonus, rumor has it that Mac system 10.5 will be doing some very interesting things with Windows compatbility. Not that you’ll have the first inkling of desire to run any of those dreadful Windows programs once you begin using a civilized operating system.

  13. Go ahead and give in to temptation. I promise you won’t be sorry.
    Sell your existing laptops on eBay, that will help offset the price.
    But consider Apple’s extended warranty plan (Apple Care).
    It is expensive but laptops get beat up so much that I have found it actually useful. I never buy extended Warranties for anything else, but this one is worth it.

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