Local ink for LHP

Our little town has a new magazine (JC Metro), and they were nice enough to do a little story about The Living Healthy Podcast. The governor’s wife beat us out for the cover by agreeing to be photographed wearing a suit made of aluminum foil. I’d give the new rag a little link love but it doesn’t appear they have a website.

Speaking of LHP… two more shows in the can: Poison Ivy and Ticks goes up on April 8th and Toenail Health on the 15th (would I kid you?).

3 thoughts on “Local ink for LHP

  1. I listened to them today and they’re great… very funny. I also listened to “Idiot Cervantes,” from J-Dub and DJobe. Also good stuff. Maybe you’re right about doing a podcast. I’m about to break ground on my new studio – after it’s finished, we should talk.

  2. Where’s her (gov’s wife) foil hat? Everybody knows you need a foil hat to block the alien’s mind control rays!

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