Good war?

Wow. Leave it to Dilbert’s dad to make a reasonable case for attacking Iraq. Assume for a moment that it was something along these lines that put us in Iraq… would it have made sense to make such an argument to the American people? Maybe even let us vote on it? And, for the record, I no longer consider the bought-and-paid-for suits in DC as representing my interests. I’m suggesting a vote of the people. Or, perhaps, everyone but me understood from the beginning that this is what the war was about.

One thought on “Good war?

  1. The first thing that comes to my mind after reading Scott’s post is that a *cartoonist* has made a watertight case for a conflict that, heretofore, has been an ongoing parade of halftruths and baseless 1984esque Ministry of Truth appeals to emotion and fear. Is it time for the daily Two Minutes Hate yet?
    If our duly appointed leader(s) had stood up in early 2002 and made that argument I would quite possibly have bought into the legitimacy of the effort. But, instead we got flimsy excuses that satisfied the mouth-breathing majority and insulted anybody with an education past junior year in high school. At what point were we no longer entitled to know the whole story?

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