My first Mac

Steve's First Mac

The deed is done. Henry drove us to the Apple store in his space car and we were in and out in 30 minutes with a brand new MacBook Pro. My first time off the PC reservation. It’s still in the box, seal unbroken. I don’t plan to post much about my Adventures in Mac Land. PC users don’t want to hear it… and Mac users have heard it all. How about this? I’ll tell you if I return it.

5 thoughts on “My first Mac

  1. I believe the scent is called High School Cheerleader. It was very pleasant. As for sharing my impressions on the MacBook Pro… since a few of you have expressed some interest, I probably will post on this from time to time. I’ll do my best not to gush or simper.

  2. Now I want to know what they call that aroma Matthew is referring to. Congrats. If you’re not going to blog much about it, can you keep me up to speed via email on how much you like it, etc? I’m thinking about one as well.

  3. Dude I want to hear all about it. I just bought my first mac (intel iMac) after a few years about thinking buying one. Want to hear what you think about the OSX thing. Peace.

  4. when you do crack the seal on that stunning object. Don’t forget to breathe deep and take in the aroma that we all know as … well, ask Andy he will tell ya.

  5. You just take your time opening that box. It’s okay, old Steve Jobs has plenty of time to wait.

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